Questions & Answers

Q. Is this another payroll service?
A. Eight is a fully automated HR assistant and not a payroll service. You can use any method to run your payroll. Eight will integrate with your current payroll preparation methods.

Q. What do I need to install?
A. Eight is a software as a service (SaaS) meaning you can access any part of Eight from anywhere you have a computer browser and Internet access. 

Q. How can I best use Eight?
A. Eight is a data gathering hub for employee events. Anything that happens day to day is recorded at that time in Eight and tracked and tagged for easy access later. Any employee form: W-4, I-9, pay changes, requests for time off, and discipline actions to name a few, can be tracked and assigned for further review automatically.

Q. Can I have data originated in Eight sent to my payroll service?
A. Yes, the beauty of Eight is that some systems (such as payroll service) are depending on data from Eight. It makes sense to send the data as it is being collected to the right system: new hires go to payroll, health insurance enrollments to your broker/agent, employee write up or terminations to your HR office are just a few things. The number of systems you want Eight to feed is up to you.

Q. Does Eight track Affordable Health Care?
A. Yes, ACA compliance is a big part of Eight. Full documentation of Employee ACA events are calculated and maintained in Eight. ACA compliance is much more than if someone meets the hours worked requirement, to fully comply you must offer insurance at the right time, fully document the acceptance or decline of coverage and more. Eight does it all for you!

Customer Testimonials

“I don’t know if I can even put into words what Eight has done for our business. Our new hire paperwork was a mess. We were lucky if we had a completed W4 and I-9 on a new employee. Because we have multiple locations we realized the need for a more centralized paperwork system and was lucky to have found it in Eight! But we got so much more than just new hire paperwork; 7 years after inception, we now have a fully integrated, accountability system where we are able to maintain our employee records with the comfort of knowing it is secure and for the most part, error free. We thought Eight was awesome before, but now that we are able to track our employee’s ACA hours, puts it over the top! As the HR administrator for 37 restaurant locations, I’ve been able to successfully do my job, ensuring we are compliant. Other HRIS companies have approached us with their products and nothing I’ve seen has come close to what Eight has to offer!”

Rebecca Stinson
HR Director
The Reiser Group


“I highly recommend Eight. It is the backbone of our HR department. Without it, I can’t imagine how I would keep up with over 600 employees. .”

Margaret Bounds
HR Director
Ramey’s Marketplace


“Our company began working with Arc Technologies in 2011, and has never regretted it. The Eight Human Resource Assistant program has continually met our needs for creating, tracking, and storing important personnel documents. The system has proven to be secure, direct, easy to use, and not overflowing with unnecessary fluff. Their customer service and technical support has made working with this company easy and enjoyable. They are friendly, quick to respond, and have proven to be creative problem solvers. I highly recommend Arc Technologies to any company looking to move to electronic personnel records, or advance their current electronic HR systems to a new level.”

Jennifer Ladyman
HR Director
BRM Foods