Eight™: A Human Resource Assistant

Eight is an intranet, web based application sold on a monthly subscription basis by Arc Technologies, LLC. It provides a paperless work environment that is both audit-able and secure. Our software continues to evolve as partner companies bring us new challenges. We have developed modular solutions that can be added to, or subtracted from, a particular company’s solution mix. We can deploy manual paper processes that you currently use by either utilizing Eight’s HTML or PDF forms architecture. Typically, forms that are used to comply with governmental agencies, or require an electronic signature are completed as PDF files, and those that are company created and don’t require a signature are HTML files. Converting your paper processes to Eight enables those processes to be managed remotely. You can then select the work flow for that form or process. Once a task or form is initiated, it will automatically be assigned to the next responsible party so they can carry out their responsibilities. Eight has a New Hire module that you can use to create a digital, paperless employee file. You can perform maintenance on employees, such as performance reviews, pay rate/salary changes, disciplinary actions, terminations, etc. Once edits are made the employee file is updated. The maintenance done in Eight can be interfaced with your company’s payroll software through file sharing, eliminating the need for manual entry by a payroll clerk. Providing that your payroll vendor can support the importing and exporting of files in your payroll software. Eight’s architecture is such that it will perform any process that can be captured on a form.

For a better understanding of the impact Eight can have on your business:

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