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Changing a Name of an Employee Signature

This can only be done on the Reset/Change Password screen. 

You can get to that screen for an existing employee in two ways. 

First way only requires the employee’s involvement. Select a form from Form’s requiring signature then enter an employer PIN. Then when you get to the employee login screen click on the reset button.  The employee will have to answer one of the security questions first before being able to get to the Reset/Change password screen. They will have to create a password (employee can use the same one), but at the bottom they can change their signature (first and/or last name). They then complete the process by clicking the Save button.

The other option requires an employer PIN that has the permission granted to clear employee passwords. When you open the employee profile, click on the Clear Employee Password button found along the bottom orange line, to the right of Tracking, it will require a confirmation to complete.  Then, when you select a form from the Forms Requiring Signature drop-down menu, enter an Employer PIN, the employee will then be at the Reset/Change Password screen.

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