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Correcting – Recreating Document from New Hire Task

These are the directions on how to recreate a document in a New Hire task, if created incorrectly, or without a digital signature:

  1. From My Task, open the New Hire task for the appropriate employee.
  2. Just above the orange field at the bottom on the right is a drop-down menu that reads, “Select to Recreate.”  Click on it, and select the form/document that you want to fix. 
  3. This will open the Employer login screen, input PIN.
  4. Employee inputs password, and clicks on Login button, not the Manual Signature button.
  5. Complete the form the as onscreen directions dictate.
  6. That screen will close, which takes you back to the New Hire Task, you can at this point go to Step 2 above, and select another form/document to fix.
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