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Employee Completing Form Instructions

These are the directions on how to have your existing crew members sign the new form “XYZ.”

1. Click on “Employees” found along the left-hand navigation bar in Eight.

2. Input PIN and click on List, then on the employee you want to make change to.

3. You will now see their employee profile.

4. On the top right of the page locate “Forms Requiring Signature.”

5. Click on the drop down menu.

6. Click on the form “XYZ.”

7. Login using “Employer Pin.”

8. You will now see the “Employee Login” page.

9. For Employee’s logging in for the first time, they will be asked to create/input a password twice, then answer two security question, inputting the answer twice.

10. Have employee login using their Password. (If they do not remember their password, click on “Can’t remember password?” “Click here to reset.”) It’s denoted by the blue font.

11. The form “XYZ” will appear.

12. Have employee read page and have them click submit when completed.

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