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How to Unlock a User and Activate or Add PIN Access

Unlocking a User
Click on Users under the orange heading of Maintain
Click on the User in blue to open to the User Profile
Click on the radial button to the left of No under Lock Login
If necessary enter a new Password
Click on Update

Activate, Inactivate or change User PIN Access
Click on Pin Access under the orange heading of Maintain
Click on List – this will provide you a list of your Active PIN Users. You may also select either Inactive or the white space above Active to view both Active and Inactive under Status then click on List. As well
you may use the filters provided to narrow your search.
If you have an Inactive PIN User that you would like to activate you can select Active in the Status drop down menu next to that user.
Click on Update located in the orange strip at the bottom of your screen to save the change
To make other changes you can click on the PIN User name in blue to open to the Edit Pin User Access screen
Make any necessary changes
Click on Update

Adding a PIN User
Click on Pin Access under the orange heading of Maintain
Click on Add
Enter First and Last Name, SSN and Title
Select the appropriate User Level from the drop-down menu
All of the radial buttons are preset to “No” so you are able to choose what access each user has. You can generally follow what has been selected for other employees with the same User Level and Title
Click on Update

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