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Updating an I9

  • Go to Maintain – Employees and open the employee’s profile
  • From the Employee Profile select I9 from the Form Requiring Signature drop down menu
  • GM and Employee login
  • Select Correcting, then hit submit
  • Section 1 is presented first, have employee make changes, if any, then input password, then hit submit.  If no changes are required in Section 1, then merely hit the submit button and move forward to the next section of the I9. DO NOT have employee input password in Section 1 if no changes are required, it will apply a new signature to the I9.  Only have employee input password if changes were made.
  • Preparer and/or Translator Certification.  Same rules apply.  If the GM assisted the employee in changing Section 1 just now, then have them click the box, and input their PIN.  If not, click on Submit and move to Section 2.
  • Again, same rules apply, if no changes are required to Section 2, click on the Submit button, and move forward.  If changes are required, make all changes, input PIN, and click Submit.
  • View I9 and make sure changes are reflected on the form appropriately.  If not, close the window, and start over.  If correct, then hit Submit, and the window will close.
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