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What is a Gap in Service(GIS)

The Gap in Service task is related to any employee in which Eight does not have activity related to them for a given day or period of time. Generally, we have earnings data, or hours worked. But, if they didn’t work during a given pay period, or were rehired and hadn’t been working; Eight is looking for that period of time to be accounted for or labeled. The Affordable Care Act has different requirements for tracking non-worked days; for example, if an employee missed worked for military duty you cannot count those missed days against their measurement period.

When there is a Gap in Service, Eight errors to the side of the Employee. We collapse the time period and don’t count those missed days against the employee. This of course, comes from our attorney who says that the employer should be forced to explain the missed time and note if that time was missed for in-eligible reasons.

We generate a gap in the following situations:

  • Employee didn’t clock any hours during an entire pay period.
  • Employee’s hire date is prior to them actually clocking hours during a pay period.  For example, hire date is 4/12, but didn’t have any hours until the 4/15-4/30 pay period.  The gap is from 4/12-4/14.
  • Employee Terminations are the last gap.  These are the trickiest.  We generate a Gap as soon as the Termination is created.  It spans from the termination date back to the last day of the pay period that they recorded earnings/hours.  That gap can often times later be filled in by the actual earnings/hours once they are uploaded into the system.  If that Gap does become accounted for by earnings/hours the manager can delete the Gap in Service.

It is in your best interest as an employer to complete those tasks and document the time for whatever reason fits that absence. 

Gap in Service Labels

Close as Undefined                                        Eligible

Disciplinary Suspension                                 In-Eligible

FMLA                                                                    Eligible

Illness – Not FMLA                                          In-Eligible

Jury Duty                                                             Eligible

Maternity                                                            In-Eligible

Military                                                                 Eligible

Other                                                                    In-Eligible

Personal                                                              In-Eligible

Rehire                                                                   In-Eligible

School                                                                   In-Eligible

Termination                                                       In-Eligible

Vacation                                                              In-Eligible

Worker’s Comp                                                Eligible

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