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Forms Audit – Instructions

To determine if the all of the active employees have completed the “XYZ” Form, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Forms Audit, found on the left hand side navigation bar under the Reports heading.
  2. Select Location from the drop down menu, you will only have access to stores that report to you.
  3. Select Form, “XYZ”, from drop down menu.
  4. Select the Files Missing button, under Files Located.
  5. Click on the List button.
  6. A list of all the employees that have not completed or signed the form will be listed.
  7. You can export this list, if you like, to do so, scroll to the bottom and click on View Results in Excel
  8. Another window will open, click on Open, then if prompted again, click on yes.
  9. An Excel Spreadsheet should now be open containing the list for that location.
  10. To run another list, go back to the Internet Explorer window containing your session in Eight.  You should still be in the Employee Forms Audit portion, at which point you can select another location from the drop down menu and merely hit List.
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