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How to Delete an Offer Benefits/Ineligibility Task

Offer Benefit/Ineligibility tasks can only be deleted by an Admin level user.

Go to All Task under the orange heading of List

Click Reset to clear filters

If you have the task number enter in Task # First field then click List.  If you don’t have the task number select either Offer Benefits Task or Ineligibility Task in the Task Type drop down menu, Open in Task Status and if you know the date or approx. date the task was created you can select a date in the top Created field then click List.

Click on the Task Type in blue to open

Click on Delete

You will need to determine if you want to leave the stated measurement period closed or open.  If you are not sure it may help you to look up the employee in ACA Audit to get the broad picture.

Enter your Employer PIN

Click Confirm Delete

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