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How to fill out an I-9 with an Employment Authorization Card

If you see “Valid for Work Only with DHS Authorization” on the SS Card…

Then you MUST ask for their Employment Authorization Card.

If you hire a Registered Alien, they must have a valid Employment Authorization Card to be allowed to work and fill out the I-9.

The SS Card and Driver’s License will not be used at this point.

On the demographics page (1st screen) on the I-9, select “An Alien Authorized to work until…”

Enter the expiration date and USCIS number, both shown on the card.

On the next screen, List A will need to be filled in; NOT List B and C.

Document Title:  Emp Auth Document w/photo Form I-766

Issuing Authority: US Government

Document Number: “Category Card #” on the Emp Auth Card.

Expiration Date:  shown on the Emp Auth Card.

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