About Us

Arc Technologies, LLC was formed in 2004 and is headquartered in Ridgeland, MS. Arc Technologies’ break out product is the web-based software application, Eight.

Arc Technologies’ principals are Cameron Arcemont and Clark Spencer. Arcemont has been a programmer for more than 25 years and has developed a multitude of applications for companies in many vertical markets. Spencer, a CPA in private industry since 1993, first approached Arcemont as the CFO of a large restaurant franchisee also based in Ridgeland, MS. The two principals began collaborating in 2002 to create Eight.

This software application addresses the unique needs of multi-unit operations.

Our Mission

Arc Technologies is committed to providing dependable software solutions to companies wishing to create paperless operating efficiencies within their businesses. We provide web based solutions for companies that have previously never considered automation an affordable possibility.

Arc Technologies is focused on attacking the challenges of businesses that manage employees and businesses in multiple locations; we plan to revolutionize that particular work environment. If you have an administrative problem within your business, we would love the opportunity to help you address it. Eight’s mix of solutions has allowed companies that have never considered going paperless to do so. Eight has a unique position in the marketplace due to its unique interface and underlying programming.

Eight has made going paperless available to all!

Our Partners

Tax Credits for Business, Inc.
Robert L. Traylor, C.P.A. 7820 Deerwood Point Court
P. O. Box 57789
Jacksonville, Florida 32241-7789 Phone: (904) 716-2169

What We Do For Your Company

1. Provide online screening with questions asked verbally in English or Spanish(from within Eight)
2. File appropriate forms with State Workforce Agencies
3. Retain documentation to support credits, if later audited
4. Maintain complete confidentiality of your employees information
5. Maximize qualified credits
6.  Provide your tax preparer with completed IRS forms at year end

We are excited about our interface that now connects Eight to Tax Credits for Business, Inc. Bob Traylor, principal, provided us the opportunity to take our new hires from our platform to his( and back in a seamless manner. Now our new hires can dive into his platform 20 questions deeper without having to enter repetitive information. 

Management Team

Cameron Arcemont

I am often referred to as Oz by our customers, the man behind the screen; or in this case, Eight!! I truly enjoy and like to keep to the programming of Eight. I find great satisfaction solving our customer’s business problems and expanding the capabilities of Eight. I have assembled a fantastic team that enables each of us to fully utilize our gifts and strengths for the betterment of our customers.

Rick Brohaugh
Director of Sales & Support

I am the lucky one, having been given the opportunity to be out front supporting our existing customers, while at the same time introducing Eight to potential new ones!! I enjoy being the laison between customer’s needs and Eight’s capabilities. Cameron and his programing team do a great job expanding, and keeping the mechanics of Eight running, while I get to help the Eight community see the efficiencies it creates for them.

Trudi Lee
Customer Success Manager

I help build relationships with our current and future customers, enabling them to derive maximum value and utilization from our solutions and services such that they become Eight advocates.

Marquis Watkins
Software Engineer

I lay the foundation for our customers, building the unique forms and processes that they require. I enable companies to move from paper forms to digital ones with electronic signatures that can be tracked and audited.