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Questions About Our HR Software Solution

FAQ’s About EightHR

Q. Is EightHR a payroll service?

A. EightHR is fully-automated HR Software that integrates with any payroll service you use. While it’s not a payroll service on its own, EightHR can help streamline your HR process by integrating payroll with other web-based employees “paperwork”.

Q.  Do I need any special equipment to run EightHR?

A. Nope! All you need to access EightHR is a computer and internet access! No other equipment is needed.

Q. What exactly does EightHR software do?

A. EightHR is a web-based data-gathering hub for employee files. All that paperwork you used to have to keep track of for hiring, onboarding, taxes, timecards, benefits, and so on? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with EightHR. We digitize and streamline your HR processes.

Any employee form including the W-4, I-9, pay changes, time-off requests, and disciplinary actions are easily tracked and assigned for further review . Any employee “paperwork” that you once had to police manually is done automatically in EightHR.

Q. Can the data originated in EightHR be sent to my payroll service?

A. Absolutely! That’s what makes EightHR so helpful in streamlining your business. The data collected in your customized HR software is allocated to dependent systems.

For example:

  • New hire information goes to your payroll service.
  • Health insurance enrollments go to your broker or agent.
  • Employee write ups or terminations go to your HR office

And that’s not all. The number of systems you want EightHR to feed into is entirely up to you. We customize and integrate EightHR to fit your business.

Q. Does Eight track Affordable Health Care (ACA)?

A. Yes. ACA compliance is a crucial part of your business and also a lot to keep track of. But EightHR makes it easy. For your business to stay ACA compliant, you must offer insurance benefits at the right time, and document everything. You have to stay on top of whether your eligible employees accept or decline coverage.

Full documentation of employee ACA events is calculated and maintained within EightHR at the perfect time. No more headaches trying to keep track of it all. EightHR does it for you!

Q. How does my team learn how to use EightHR?

A.  We offer training for you and your team on how to use your new HR software solution. Typically, we’ll train you through an online video call so it doesn’t matter where you’re located. And any time you need further assistance, we’re here to help. You also have access to our online support portal.

Q. Are there any hidden fees with your HR software?

A. Nope! We know how annoying hidden fees can be. When we quote you a price for monthly access, that’s what it is! The only other fee is an initial setup fee, which we’ll quote for you before you purchase.

Q. How long does it take for you to make my customized HR software?

A. Because each EightHR setup is different for every customer, how long it takes to develop varies. After you sign the contract and make your initial payment, we just need to get your information and the forms you’d like us to automate. Once we have all that information, our turnaroundn times is typically two to three weeks.

Q. Am I locked into a long-term contract with EightHR?

A. No. How long you utilize your customized HR software is up to you. Although, EightHR makes your job so much easier, we doubt you’ll ever want to go back to mounds of paperwork.