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The Eight Core Features of EightHR

Your business is unique, so your HR software needs to be unique too. You choose the features. We customize your solution.

I-9 Validation With E-Verify

Staying I-9 compliant is crucial to your business, not to mention, it’s the law. If you don’t, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can audit you, determine infractions, and fine you heavily. And since these audits can occur at any time without warning, you need to stay I-9 compliant at all times. 

That’s where EightHR comes in. Our advanced web-based HR software fully automates all your I-9 forms and tracking, eliminating paperwork headaches. You can feel confident that you’re always in complete I-9 compliance.

Our EightHR I-9 validation helps you:

  • Track and manage I-9 issues using our comprehensive dashboard easily.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entries.
  • Get continuous updates about the latest USCIS and ICE developments regarding regulations and procedures.
  • Submit and manage re-verifications all in one place with E-verify, never leaving the I-9.
  • Receive E-Verification results and manage case actions.
  • Choose your final eSignature approval through our flexible workflow.

ACA Compliance

The overwhelming task of staying ACA compliant is made much easier with EightHR. 

Eligibility Tracking: Tracking your employees’ benefits eligibility begins as soon as you input your variable or full-time measurement cycles. After each pay period, EightHR automatically tracks your employees’ hours worked, effectively identifying when they meet eligibility requirements. 

This helps managers see their employees’ hours and eligibility in real-time. Once they become eligible, your employees are automatically notified and sent the necessary enrollment forms.

Form Patrol ACA Reporting: EightHR simplifies reporting ACA compliance to the IRS by recording hours, offers, enrollments, declines, and separations. Your customized HR software can automatically input the appropriate codes on your employees’ 1095-C forms with the ability to edit them if needed.

Form Generation: Our HRIS creates a single PDF document of your employees’ 1094-C and 1095-C forms for you to submit to the IRS. You can also note all companies of an aggregated large employer based on their size, starting with the largest first, as is required by the IRS.


Find and hire the right people for the job with our intuitive and powerful applicant tracking HR software solution. The hiring process created specifically for you produces a seamless process from the application to the offer letter to the onboarding process. We’ll walk your hiring manager through how to follow your customized hiring software. 

You tell us the requirements for hiring, and we’ll build your software solution. These requirements may include a person’s age, position, location, or whatever variable your business requires. Applicants will move through your vendors of choice quickly and easily, not allowing them to move to the next step without completing the first. 

Some great benefits of our hiring feature include:

  • The ability to integrate with snag!, Indeed, and ApplicantPro gives you even more hiring options.
  • Features a configurable workflow that supports your specific hiring process, complete with notifications and alerts.
  • You can share applications among various departments and locations at any time.


You know onboarding employees requires pages and pages of initial paperwork, which can be time-consuming and overwhelming. But with EightHR, you can focus less on the steps and formalities and more on creating an excellent start experience for your employees. 

EightHR’s onboarding feature:

  • Ensures complete compliance with all state, federal, and tax forms
  • Eliminates the guesswork by helping managers know exactly what information needs to be completed for each employee
  • Increases your branding with company-specific forms featuring your company colors and logos
  • Gets more done with a customized, easy-to-follow workflow that will alert key workforce members downstream like HR, payroll, and IT, no matter where they are located geographically

Employee Maintenance

As your employees continue working for you, their needs change. That’s why EightHR’s employee support doesn’t end with onboarding. Any number of changes can occur through your employees’ time with your business.

  • Rate changes
  • Promotions
  • Demographic changes
  • Tax withholdings
  • Direct deposit changes
  • Corrective action plans
  • Evaluations
  • Annual compliance forms requiring updated signatures
  • Separations

When any of these changes occur, third-party systems need to be notified. Without a customized HR software solution, this would mean a whole lot of paperwork and multiple data entries. But with EightHR, any information changes and updates are automatically passed along to third-party integrations after a single data entry. And what’s better? Employees can update this information themselves.

EightHR also allows you to communicate with employees about important company opportunities through text, email, and employee resource portals. 


Because corporate offices are separated from individual offices or franchise locations, there is a better chance for errors and inconsistencies in your data and processes. Not only that but complex compliance requirements and the high turnover rate of hourly workers makes mistakes easy to overlook. 

With EightHR’s workflow feature, you can customize your workflow to streamline your HR processes, eliminating errors. Your custom workflow allows you to share the approval and data-entry workload, so you aren’t’ stuck doing it all yourself. 

By automating tasks within your workflow, you can notify IT, Security, Personnel, Payroll, and any other department of important employee events like hiring, promotions, or separations. 

Benefit Administration

Benefits enrollment and mid-year benefit changes can be extremely frustrating. But with EightHR, the frustration is eradicated. Our Benefits tool saves you time, especially during open enrollment when administrative tasks pile up.

You’ll no longer have to track eligibility and notify employees when they become can apply for benefits manually.  EightHR automatically tracks your employees’ benefits eligibility, identifies the appropriate plan, and sends them an offer. 

Simply track the completion of your employees’ benefits offer and send the generated file to your broker or carrier once complete. This can also be done for their dependents, for demographic changes, and cancellations.

Customer Support

You can count on us whenever you need us. Our support for you comes in many forms – through email, our intuitive self-help website, or through a good old phone call. You’ll speak to an actual person 98% of the time you call us. In the rare event that you have to leave a message, we promise to return that call within one hour. 

You don’t want to read through the documentation online? No problem. Give us a call.

You can’t remember how to take the next step? No problem. Give us a call.

You just want a second opinion before you make a change? No problem. Give us a call. 

We mean it when we say we’re committed to serving you. So much so that we guarantee we’ll come to know one another on a first-name basis. After all, helping your business run smoothly and efficiently is our business, and we couldn’t do what we do without you.