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Infor – Eight Interface

Eight is excited to announce an interface that now connects Eight to Infor’s POS platform.  

Debbie Greenwood, Product Manager – Restaurant Systems of Infor approached us about developing an interface that would allow Eight users to pass the employee data into their POS platform, without having to key-stroke the data again.  Infor has taken the additional step of being able to limit their users, so that employee data can’t be manually entered into their system.  It must be generated in Eight first.  Customers can now make sure the employee paperwork is completed prior to an employee logging into the POS system for the first time.

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Mississippi Business Journal

Cameron Arcemont, Founder/CEO of ARC Technologes, has been featured in the Mississippi Business Journal article "Eight more than enough: Arc Technologies software a paperless solution to human resources nightmares" showcasing this powerful solution.

Cameron Arcemont, Founder/CEO of ARC Technologies, awarded TECH 21: Mississippi's most wanted in technology by the Mississippi Business Journal for his outstanding achievements. When examining Mississippi’s contributions to the technology world, there are tech veterans whose works are still being felt, and there are young minds who are bringing new ideas. The Tech 21 is the Mississippi Business Journal’s take on some of the top contributors to technology in Mississippi and the world.