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Sonic Drive-In’s HMS 2.0 integrates with Eight

HMS 2.0 FIND (Applicant Tracking Only) to Eight.  This is similar to the integration from HMS/Infor Talent Science integration.

• Basic new hire information is passed from HMS 2.0 (People Matter) into Eight in order to trigger the onboarding tasks within Eight  
• This is “business as usual” for Eight users.

HMS 2.0 FIND and HIRE (Applicant Tracking AND Electronic Onboarding) to Eight
• All new hire “paperwork” including I-9, e-Verify (if applicable), W-4, policies, handbooks, etc. are completed in the HMS 2.0 onboarding platform and PeopleMatter sends a file of new hire information into Eight that will populate fields in an employee record. This employee file would then be used for ongoing employee maintenance, performance management and ACA. The “new hire paperwork” remains in HMS 2.0.