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Laborchex (Background Checks) Integration

Ridgeland, MS, February 15, 2018 — Eight, a SaaS based employee management software solution licensed by Arc Technologies has announced a new technology partnership with the employment screening industry leader since 1991, Laborchex, Inc.

Eight provides a paperless work environment that is both auditable and secure. Our software continues to evolve as partner companies bring us new challenges. We have developed modular solutions that can be added to, or subtracted from, a particular company’s solution mix. Converting your paper processes to Eight enables those processes to be managed remotely.

As Eight’s next great complimentary solution partner, Laborchex, Inc. processes and screenings ensure quality service offerings to you. LaborChex provides consistent reporting on critical candidate information at a competitive price. The seamless integration allows users in Eight to initiate screenings and receive results from Laborchex in one place.

This integration is another example of our commitment to Eight users and our desire for our joint clients and their employees to achieve a low cost, compliant and secure method to managing the entire employee life cycle.

Mississippi Business Journal

Cameron Arcemont, Founder/CEO of ARC Technologes, has been featured in the Mississippi Business Journal article "Eight more than enough: Arc Technologies software a paperless solution to human resources nightmares" showcasing this powerful solution.

Cameron Arcemont, Founder/CEO of ARC Technologies, awarded TECH 21: Mississippi's most wanted in technology by the Mississippi Business Journal for his outstanding achievements. When examining Mississippi’s contributions to the technology world, there are tech veterans whose works are still being felt, and there are young minds who are bringing new ideas. The Tech 21 is the Mississippi Business Journal’s take on some of the top contributors to technology in Mississippi and the world.