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To Vaccinate or Not, Is that the Question?

COVID vaccinations have been on everyone’s mind. Some of the thoughts may range from: 

“Should I get vaccinated?”

“Should I mandate my employees to be vaccinated?”

“Is the vaccine safe?”

“What are the long term side effects?”

And the list goes on.


The Struggle is Real

Burnout is a REAL thing in any form in your life. When you read that headline, does it feel like I am speaking directly to you or to your employees? For me, it feels so real. I’m not necessarily speaking from personal experience right now, but from the perspective of recent observation of others.


Tolerate New Habits

Tolerate New Habits

Everyday I read a page from a Daily Meditation book. It’s usually three to four easy-to-read paragraphs. It’s not something I’ve done for a long time. I just started the practice in the last several months. Creating a habitual practice such as reading a daily devotional doesn’t really sound like a difficult thing to do, right? Researchers say it takes roughly sixty-six days to form a new habit and two hundred and fifty-four days for that habit to fully form!



As an HR leader, do you ever hear that phrase from employees?? I sure hope so! One would assume that phrase means that person has high employee morale. Notice how I said, “assume.” Personally, I would want to follow that up with asking the employee, “Why do you love your job?!”


Is this an Interview or an Interrogation??

Whether you are on the side of the table with the pen and paper or the side with the crisp, updated resume, you may have wondered whether you were in an interrogation room or a job interview!

A job interview has the potential to go oh-so-wrong. Nevertheless, I fully believe this process can produce great results for those involved if done intentionally and thoughtfully. Interviews can be a fascinating social experiment to boot!