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Daily Temperature Logs are Available in Eight

The most common violations found by health inspectors in restaurants and grocery stores are related to food storage and temperature logging. There is nothing fun about temperature logs, but this is a vital aspect of the food-service industry. Now, Eight users have access to digital Daily Temperature Logs that can save time, reduce paper waste, and keep your logs saved in a centralized location.

The more units your company has, the more critical it is to have an efficient temperature logging system. A well-planned and implemented Temperature Log system makes visits from the health department much less stressful.

Three things inspectors look for regarding temperature logs:

  • More than one person should be maintaining the daily log. This provides a level of accountability, and also lets the inspector know that the logs haven’t been “pencil whipped” (faked.)
  • They want the log to be quickly and easily accessible. Taking too long to locate the log is a red flag.
  • The log should be updated meticulously. Readings for all of your freezers, coolers, hot storage, etc. must be recorded like clockwork.
An example of Eight’s Daily Temp Log used at a fast food franchise.

Another item of importance is having a system in place for responding to issues with the temperatures. If a temperature is recorded that is outside of the acceptable parameters, the employee needs to be able to record how they corrected that issue.

An example of the Corrective Actions portion of Eight’s Daily Temperature Log.

Like most features in Eight, the daily temperature logs can be customized to suit your company’s needs.

Just let us know what temperatures you need to be recorded and at what time, and we will build the log accordingly. The log is completed at the required times throughout the day. After the closing temperatures are recorded, the log is submitted and saved in that location’s personal folder. That way, the logs are quickly accessible when you need them.

Eight Has A New Online Application

Jan. 2023 – Our new Online Application can really make your hiring and onboarding a breeze!  Our customers spoke, and we listened.  Recruiting services are great, but if/when you have any problems or questions with the onboarding process…well let’s just say you’re likely to hit a snag with customer support.

this image shows the landing page for the new online application.  this is the beginning of the hiring process, which is followed by a simplified onboarding process.
The candidate begins the application process at an external site.

Eight’s new Online Application is responsive, meaning it automatically fits the screen of the device on which it is being viewed.  The application itself is completed on an external site, but it immediately feeds into Eight.  Managers receive and review the applications in Eight, and even instantly make a job offer.  Once an applicant accepts a job offer, they can complete most of the onboarding process before they ever step foot in the store! Any form that doesn’t require a manager’s signature can be completed before the new employee’s first day on the job.

After the applicant accepts the job, they can complete most of their onboarding before they walk in the store. This can be done from a computer, tablet, or phone!

If your company uses a recruiting service, you can continue to utilize them for finding applicants.  You simply need to include a link to Eight’s Online Application on your job posting and let our technology do the rest.

Click here for a short video demonstrating how the app works.

Click here for a more detailed training video for the online application.

Laborchex (Background Checks) Integration

Ridgeland, MS, February 15, 2018 — Eight, a SaaS based employee management software solution licensed by Arc Technologies has announced a new technology partnership with the employment screening industry leader since 1991, Laborchex, Inc.


Sonic Drive-In’s HMS 2.0 integrates with Eight

HMS 2.0 FIND (Applicant Tracking Only) to Eight.  This is similar to the integration from HMS/Infor Talent Science integration.


Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance

We have taken yet another big step forward for our customers, establishing an EDI 834 interface with UMR, a United Healthcare company, that is the nation’s largest third-party administrator (TPA).  


rapid! PayCard Integration

Jackson, MS, August 19, 2016 –(PR.com)—Eight, a SAAS based employee management software solutions provider based in Jackson, Mississippi, has announced a new technology partnership with the paycard solutions provider, rapid! PayCard.


ACA Filing Deadlines Passed

The first ACA reporting cycle comes to an end.


Infor – Eight Interface

Eight is excited to announce an interface that now connects Eight to Infor’s POS platform.  


Affordable Care Act

Look Back Periods, Stability Periods, Tracking Employee Hours, and Reporting are all new issues we recognize that you must handle in today’s environment. Arc Technologies is committed to helping you address each of those areas within Eight.


Healthcare Coverage Notification

Arc Technologies expands its global forms to include Healthcare Coverage Notifications to enable companies to meet the new government mandates.