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Tolerate New Habits

Tolerate New Habits

Everyday I read a page from a Daily Meditation book. It’s usually three to four easy-to-read paragraphs. It’s not something I’ve done for a long time. I just started the practice in the last several months. Creating a habitual practice such as reading a daily devotional doesn’t really sound like a difficult thing to do, right? Researchers say it takes roughly sixty-six days to form a new habit and two hundred and fifty-four days for that habit to fully form!

Just as starting a workout regimen can be challenging, so can the creation of any habit. When you don’t have a routine of reading and suddenly you start a daily devotional your mind goes into overdrive – Creativity is sparked and new thoughts are generated. Starting this habit isn’t painful, nonetheless it is a change that happens in your body. At this point in the habit creation, most people give up because they don’t have the tolerance. 

Starting a workout regimen or reading a daily devotional are two of many habits that we have the power to control. We can choose to tolerate the personal work it takes to form those practices. But what happens when instances occur that are OUT of our control? In the aforementioned daily meditational, I recently read this quote:

“With immeasurable ease we are able to pass through difficult times if we are tolerant of the people and circumstances that are beyond our control.”

It has been longer than sixty-six days since I started my habit of daily reading. I’ve built up tolerance for it and the changes it has caused in my life. One change is that I reflect on the words that I read every day. Sometimes that reflection happens right away and sometimes it’s delayed. When I read the word tolerant, I immediately reflected on my professional life. 

We are in the midst of adjusting to a new-normal world. Though, some of us in the “people” business may not be feeling so normal. We have faced so many challenges in the last year, but we are now seeing different obstacles and figuring out how to tolerate them. We may be short on materials, products, or sales, but mostly we are short on people. COVID changed so many important things. It appears the most significant change was how people look at work. 

If you are reading social media or online articles right now, you’ve likely noticed the opinions stating that people don’t want to work. However, I do not fully agree with that sentiment. People want to work; they just may not want to do the same work they did before the world shut down. What I think happened over the past year is that people stopped tolerating their life circumstances – They were forced to look at their career, or lack thereof, and enrolled in the degree program they always dreamed of, they were furloughed and realized it was a good time as ever to start a consulting business, or they lost a family member and decided to quit their job to spend more time with their children.

Going back to those of us that are struggling to find candidates to fill our positions – my advice is to read the above quote and take it to heart. We can pass through this difficult time with ease if we can tolerate the people and circumstances that are beyond our control. We will never be able to control people – ever. They are taking control of their own lives right now and not applying for our jobs as they were before. We also can’t control that COVID happened. You can choose to accept these things and find peace.

Now, get to work and form some new habits! It’s time to figure out what you CAN control. Change processes, procedures, rules, policies, and anything else that allows you to find your new normal and tolerance to help yourself, your business, and your people thrive.